Tricolate Brew Bundle


You will receive a transparent tricolate.
Why Tricolate?

  • Eliminates uneven input whilst brewing.
  • The perforated plate creates a shower effect on the bed of coffee.
  • Better coverage.
  • No more uneven extraction.
  • Comes with Laboratory-grade filter paper
  • Extract coffee evenly.
  • Pick any 1 coffee from Kohi Roasters of 250gm along with this tricolate and it will be free!!!

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The Tricolate brew bundle with 250gm Kohi Roasters coffee is the best gift for a coffee lover. Also, the perfect way to upgrade your coffee game. It has a number of innovative features like well-distributed perforation for water to drip, and a flatbed for the coffee grounds. Therefore making it the most advanced filter coffee brewer yet. To list a few key features of the tricolate. Also, their benefit would be:

  • The perforated plate creates a shower effect on the coffee bed. Therefore, Better coverage.
  • Also, reducing uneven extraction.
  • Therefore, you only get evenly extracted coffee.
  • Hence, no need for an expensive gooseneck kettle. However, it is always good to have one.

A little about the coffees that you get with the Tricolate Brew Bundle from Kohi Roasters:

Salawara Estate: 
Type: Single Estate Arabica.
Estate: Salawara Estate.
Region: Belur, Karnataka.
Processing Method: Washed.
Roast Level: Light.
Best Brewed with: Tricolate, AeroPress, Pour Over.
Flavour Notes: Orange candy, Butter fruit.
Aroma: Citrus, Milk chocolate.
Aftertaste: Milk Chocolate, Wood Apple.
Varietal: Sln7, Chandragiri.
Altitude: 1130 MASL.

Ethiopian Guji – Naturals
Type: Single Origin Arabica.
Region: Gedio, Oromio.
Processing Method: Naturals.
Roast Level: Medium.
Best Brewed with:  Tricolate, AeroPress, Pour Over.
Flavour Notes: Sweet and Fruity.
Aroma: Tropical Fruit, Floral.
Aftertaste: Sweet and Fruity.
Varietal: Heirloom.
Altitude: 1850-1950 MASL.

Further, if you wish to know more about the coffee please click on their names.

Therefore, this Tricolate Brew Bundle is a game-changer. Also a piece of must-have brewing equipment for a coffee lover.

Coffee Pack by Kohi Roasters

Salawara Estate, Ethiopian Guji – Naturals

Grind Size

Tricolate, Whole Beans, Aeropress, French-press, Pour-over, Espresso, Cold Brew, Chemex, Moka Pot, Electric Drip

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