Bettadamalali Estate – Arabica – Pulp Sun Dried

Single Origin

Varietal: Chandragiri
Grading: Clean Bulk
Region: Chikmanglur
Elevation: 1100-1350 MSL
Harvest Year: 2021

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About the Estate:

Bettadamalali Estate is a three generation, family owned, and operated coffee estate in Chickmagalur producing amongst India’s finest shade-grown, hand-picked, and sun-dried coffee. The estate, in addition to the many accolades it has received over time, is also a two time winner of the Illy Coffee Quality Prize for Espresso. Placed high in the hills and valleys of the Sahyadris (also known as Western Ghats), the rich volcanic soil, pristine water, crisp air, and tending from the stewards of the land result in making the best quality coffee beans that we believe are second to none. Our altitude ranges from 800 m to 1350 m (2664 ft to 4495 ft). The Arabica plants occupy elevations ranging from  1100 m to 1350 m, and robusta is mostly grown between 800m and 1100 m.  Our coffee is one-hundred percent shade-grown under a mix of planted and native trees.  Every single coffee cherry is hand-picked on our estate. This method of harvesting guarantees that only the ripe, crimson-red cherries are picked from the plant, consequently ensuring a clean cup of coffee that is free from any off taste produced as a result of picking green and un-ripe cherries.  Our fully washed coffee is produced by first pulping the cherries to separate the pulp from the beans. The beans are then naturally fermented, and once the fermentation is complete, they are washed in clean water before being sun-dried in our drying yards. Our cultivation and processing methods are planned keeping quality and sustainability in mind thus ensuring you get the best quality beans at zero cost to the environment.   

Region: Chikmanglur

Elevation: 800-1350 MSL

Species grown: Arabica, Robusta

Varietals grown: Arabica (Sln 795, Chandragiri, Sln 9 ), Robusta (S274)

Harvest Season (combined): November – March

Inter crops: Black Pepper, Oranges, Arecanut


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