YETI / येति – Kali coffee


Cold Brew Blend 
Flavor Notes: Coffee Blossom, Citrus,Dry Raisin, Dark Chocolate.
Roast: Medium Plus
Produce: Year 2023-24
Varital: Catuai and Chandragiri 
Process: Naturals with mulled wine fermentation and washed

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In the mystical land where coffee meets adventure, a legend was born. Yeti Coffee, the Cold Brew Blend that defies ordinary, beckons you to a sensory journey like no other. From the fragrant whispers of coffee blossoms to the zesty notes of citrus, and the sublime fusion of dry raisins and dark chocolate, each sip is an odyssey through flavor.

Roasted to perfection at a medium-plus level, these beans embody the spirit of the Year 2023-24. A harmonious blend of Catuai and Chandragiri varietals, Yeti Coffee undergoes a unique process. It’s a tale of natural with mulled wine fermentation and a soothing wash. This blend, a masterpiece in its own right, awaits those who seek the extraordinary in their cup. Join us on this expedition through flavor, where every sip is a chapter in the story of Yeti Coffee. ☕❄️ #YetiCoffeeChronicles #UnearthTheExtraordinary


Grind for

AeroPress, Cold Brew, Espresso, French Press, Moka Pot, Pour Over, Turkish, Whole Beans.

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