Kaimara Belt – Arabica – Washed


Single Estate
Sustainable farming with 0% pesticides

Varietal: Hemavati
Grade: Clean Bulk 
Region: Kaimara, Bababudangiris 
Elevation: 1500 MASL
Harvest Year: 2021-22

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About the Estate:

TKB is a true artisanal ground coffee blend. The most popular drink in the world sourced from a centuries-old estate amidst the mighty western ghats. We bring to you single estate, chicory free, speciality coffee- ‘THE KAIMARA BELT’. Shade grown, hand picked berries, roasted to perfection to give you a cup of mocha which teleports you into a land of the coffee estates, folklore and virgin mountain forests with their entirety of aroma texture and consistency. Dig deep, enjoy the process of the brew and very soon the drink in your hand will take you through an ecstatic journey towards a productive day and joyful day.

Our name ‘THE KAIMARA BELT’ is a tribute to the area of the land in the Baba Budangiri hills of Chikmaglur, where the coffee estate is situated. In the coffee industry, the coffee produced in ‘Kaimara’ is of great value for its geographical features. The belt is blessed with shade grown coffee, ideal temperature, the quality of the soil, the fruits and the trees that grow in the area like Orange, Avocados, Jackfruits, Mahagony, Silver oak and teak etc.   We want to be the secret elixir that elevates and represents proud India.

Region: Kaimara, Bababudangiris 

Elevation: 1500 MASL

Species grown: Arabica

Varietals grown: Hemavati

Harvest Season (combined): December – January

Inter crops: – Pepper, Jackfruit, Orange, Grapefruit


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